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Our goal is to see the old tunnels under Khreshchatyk (major street of Kiev) built in the middle of XIX century. During the tour you will:

  • get unique information about underground rivers of Kiev
  • walk about 3 kilometers under ground
  • visit Kreshchatyk in an old tunnel built in 1888
  • see cave blind crickets
  • find out how to see the real darknessATTENTION! Walks in the underground rivers of Kiev are seasonal! We are running this tours only in the cold season, when on the street below zero degrees temperature!


What is Underground River Klov?

Klov is a river that was on the surface a thousand years ago. The river was walled in underground tunnels by a growing metropolis. Under the Basseynaya street, three underground rivers merge: Klov and its tributaries Klovitsa and Khreshchatyk.
We invite you to see city central underground world by your own eyes, strolling through the old tunnels built from the middle of the 19th century to nova days. The total length of the tunnels is more than 15 kilometers.

Attention! Walking to the underground river Klov are possible only during winter!

Pricing and how to book


9-12 20 +30
8 2 +30
7 20 +20
6 25 +15
5 25 +15
4 30 +15
3 30 +10
2 30 +10
1 60 +10
  • Prices in table in EUR
  • We accepting EUR, UAH, USD according to Google converter rate. We charging payment only after tour, you don’t need to pay in advance. Only cash.
  • In case you order DRAIN TUNNEL TOUR without pick-up, group meeting place is the hall of “Dnipro” metro station.

To book a tour please contact us

What you will be provided with?

For passing of underground route you need to wear comfortable shoes and clothes that will not be a pity to get little bit dirty and wet – you will go to real underground tunnels. Be ready for adventures!

Pants must be with belt, or take belt with you separately.The temperature underground is about + 12 °, regardless of the temperature on the surface.

In this tour you can take bags and photo gear.

If your goal is photo-shooting please take tripod with you!

You will be provided with:

  • torches
  • gloves
  • rubber high boots (from Soviet military protective wear set)
Tips and Recommendations
  • Don’t wear long coats and too much hot clothes
  • Put on a cap or something on your head!
  • Put on comfortable clothes you are not afraid to make a little dirty. No tuxedo and high heels! 🙂
  • If you are interested in Photography take with you tripod


  • people suffering from claustrophobia
  • people who can not get into the usual manhole
  • people suffering from low back pain or back problems
  • people have excess weight or heart disease