Every day dozens of people descend into the bowels of the Kiev subway, take trains to travel between long-known stations.  However, the secret side of the metro lies between brightly lit points of the stations and stays hidden and unknown to us. What hides in the darkness of the tunnels? Let’s see the places inaccessible to passengers.

Abandoned tunnels in Kyiv subway

The metro is growing, and some of the route legs become unnecessary. Khreshchatyk-University way became needless in the late 80’s in the process of construction of  the “Teatralnaya” station and Syretsko-Pecherskaya branch.

Hermetic seal is a special protective-hermetic door, which protectively hermetically blocks the tunnels. For example, in case of natural disasters. At the first launch subway site in Kiev (Vokzalnaya – Dnipro), the gates stood on each stretch, but there wasn’t any shutter between Shuliavskaya and Vokzalnaya. Later seals were made in the form of swing gates. The first closures, such as between the “Arsenalnaya” and “Vokzalnaya” went sideways out of a special niche. This element of civil defense will not be closed any more.

Abandoned-subway-tunnels-Kiev-1942-min-1024x680 TOP 7 HIDDEN PLACES IN KYIV SUBWAY TUNNELS

What can hide under such a lattice? A descent to the Syretsko-Pecherskaya branch. Steps in the distance – the arch of the “Golden Gate” station.

Abandoned-subway-tunnels-Kiev-1941-min-1024x680 TOP 7 HIDDEN PLACES IN KYIV SUBWAY TUNNELS


Service-connecting line, uniting all three branches of the subway. The SCL connects three stations: Khreshchatyk, Independence Square and Klovska. The connecting branch isn’t used for passenger traffic. Have you ever seen the empty trains arriving at the station to hide quickly inside a tunnel without passengers? They are using the SCL.

Soon, the second service-connecting line will appear in Kiev (SCL 221). The future SCL will connect the Syretsko-Pecherska line with the future Podolsk-Voskresenskaya line.

service-line-lukianovaskaya2-1024x680 TOP 7 HIDDEN PLACES IN KYIV SUBWAY TUNNELS

The exit ramp down to the SCL 221 behind the “Lukyanovka” station. The deadlock in reserve for the SCL. At the end of the tunnel, there is a concrete stopper.

service-line-lukianovaskaya3-1024x680 TOP 7 HIDDEN PLACES IN KYIV SUBWAY TUNNELS

The Lvivska Brama station

The legendary “Lvivska Brama” station. Despite the stories about flooding, mysticism and secret archives, the construction of the station stopped in 1997 due to the inability to make an exit into the city due to dense buildings. However, one day it will open, and we will have a metro between “Lukyanovskaya” and “Golden Gate”  stations. Not so famous as the previous one, the “Telychka” station hides on the right bank near the South Bridge. The station is waiting for the appearance of residential areas on the site of the industrial zone.

Gerzena Station

The fairy tale about the secret subway line for the Higher Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (now KIIR) hides some truth. The unfinished “Herzen” (Zagorovskaya) station is hiding near the Institute of International Relations. Initially, an evacuation exit was built here for the party elite. Will there ever be a real station between “Dorogozhichi” and “Lukyanovskaya” – who knows?

Metro Command Bunker

You can find a whole complex of unfinished vertical passes, near the “Maydan Nezalezhnosti” station, through those you can get into a large tunnel lying parallel to the station. Officially it is considered an abandoned transition to the Red Line, where a horizontal escalator was planned. However, there are rumours that this is a bunker.

Arsenalan Maintenance Depot

The deepest metro station Arsenalnaya is also often attributed to the presence of mysterious bunkers, transitions to the secret branch of the government metro and so on. In fact, there is a non-working maintenance depot (MD) Arsenalnaya.

Unfinished Abandoned Diesel Bunker

This Bunker situated parallel to the working subway tunnel and even workers who work in the tunnels every night don’t know about this place. It have been under construction from 1987-1989 and after that government stopped to support this system by money and this object has stand abandoned for 29 years at the moment. Huge labirynth of tunnels has size of a city block and we spent 3 hours jst to too explore all tunnels.

unfinished-abandoned-diesel-power-station-bunker-6869-min-1024x680 TOP 7 HIDDEN PLACES IN KYIV SUBWAY TUNNELS
unfinished-abandoned-diesel-power-station-bunker-6876-min-1024x680 TOP 7 HIDDEN PLACES IN KYIV SUBWAY TUNNELS
unfinished-abandoned-diesel-power-station-bunker-6878-min-1024x680 TOP 7 HIDDEN PLACES IN KYIV SUBWAY TUNNELS

Please, remember that subway isn’t the most suitable place for strolling, so don’t try to investigate it by yourself. That’s illegal, and in addition, walking in tunnels can be deadly, since the voltage on the contact rail is 825 volts DC.

If you are adventurer and physically fit we can show you Kyiv metro tunnels. You will go to one of the places below with experienced urbex guide, if you are looking for adventures please contact us by e-mail info @urbextour.com

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