Askoldova drain system is the technogenic labyrinth of adits length 5 kilometers. It’s active and wet route, we will climb ladders and creep through tight holes. The major attraction in these system is big shaft 33 meters deep which the biggest in Kiev drains. Extreme tour lasts 3 hours, when you will have time to make about 2 kilometers underground. Height of underground tunnels in the all of route 1.6-1.7 meters.

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In these tour you:
– will know everything about urban exploration in post-soviet countries
– will be on the bottom of the 33 meters deep shaft
– will see bats and s stalactites
– will be tired, wet and satisfied

What is included:
– professional and friendly English-speaking guide
– gum boots and flashlights

* Individual tour in one object for 1-2 persons cost 50 euro.
* Individual tour in one object for 3-12 persons cost 25 euro per person.

Too book this tour and to clarify all details please contact us on [email protected]
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