About urbex tour


On the 6th of September 2004, I opened the manhole and climbed into there for the first time to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes. Tunnels were going inside of different places under the city and it was the most unusual adventure that I did in my life so far. One of the best experiences was hidden just under my nose. Several years have passed, but I still think that the Urbex way of adventure is the most interesting, active and experience-full way to understand this world.


After 10 years of doing urban exploration, I’ve decided to share my experience with people. A lot of URBEX spots are hidden, so the best way is to do it face to face: that’s how The Urbex Tour was created. Now we are the international team of guides and our mission is to dive people inside the urban exploration culture, giving the first-hand experience. 

  • We don’t put on public any coordinates or ways to go inside objects.
  • We preserve objects where we take people.
  • We immerse people inside urban subculture, aesthetics and romantics urbanetean adventures and inculcate them responsible way of objects visiting.
  • We care about safety and legacy. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

Discover hidden, see unseen, feel the atmosphere, and understand the importance. Try to find something new in everyday usual things and you will become an Explorer!

Vladyslav Suvorow, CEO and founder of Urbex Tour

Our team
Urbex Guide Oleg
Oleg aka Polkovnik Shitov or Batko (Otec) Shitov
Urbex Guide Slava
Slava aka Kapral Makumes - 5 star Explorer
Urbex Guide Max
Maks aka Batko Kazhan. Thunderstorm of Urban Exploration
Urbex Guide Vlad
Vlad aka General Kosmosa or Ascold. Team Leader
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