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During 1,5-2,5 hours tour to underground tunnel system “Nikolskaya” or “Askoldova” with urbex guide you will:

  • Visit biggest underground waterfall or 33 metrs deep shaft
  • Know everything about UrbEx in post-soviet countries and Kiev underground world
  • See crystal clear underground streams, stalactites, stalagmites and other cave formations
  • feel what it is like to be in total darkness
  • walk route under the ground, moving from level to level

Nikolskaya or Askoldova drain systems depend of the time of year. Askoldova has more low-level tunnels and more wet, so we advice to visit it during hot season. Nokolskaya is good in any season.


Pricing and how to book


  • Prices in table in EUR
  • We accepting EUR, UAH, USD according to Google converter rate. We charging payment only after tour, you don’t need to pay in advance. Only cash.
  • In case you order KIEV UNDERGROUND TOUR without pick-up, group meeting place is the hall of “Dnipro” metro station.

To book a tour please contact us

What is drain systems?

Drain system “Mykilska (or Nikolskaya)”, almost entirely built in 1916, is the oldest part of more than 50-kilometer-long Kiev draining system. It is the best tour to get acquainted with urban subterranean exploration. Torches and our seasoned guides will illuminate your path in the dark, and turn the trip into your personal memorable achievement. This guided tour will add a new dimension of the world you live, and make your urban life horizons wider… Or, more precisely, deeper.

Drain system “Askoldova” is technogenic labyrinth 5 kilometers long on 4 levels up to 60 meters deep underground. Types of tunnels are very similar, because all they had been built in 1970s also this system more wet than “Nikolskaya”.
Exploring Askoldova tunnels system is action: changing levels by ladders, with clean water waterfalls, echo on the bottom of 33 meters deep shaft – there is Askoldova and Kiev style of underground urban exploration.

You will visit one of the systems.

What you will be provided with?

For passing of underground route you need to wear comfortable shoes and clothes that will not be a pity to get little bit dirty and wet – you will go to real underground tunnels. Be ready for adventures!

Pants must be with belt, or take belt with you separately.The temperature underground is about + 12 °, regardless of the temperature on the surface.

Don’t take massive backpacks and bags. Better not to take bags at all, or take a smaller one.  It is not comfortable to move in tunnels with big bags of massive camera gear.

You will be provided with:

  • torches
  • gloves
  • rubber high boots (from Soviet military protective wear set)
Tips and Recommendations
  • Don’t take massive backpacks with you! (part of the route goes through the tunnels, which are narrow or/and have low-ceiling (1,6 m high))
  • Put on a cap or something on your head!
  • Put on comfortable clothes you are not afraid to make a little dirty. No tuxedo and high heels! 🙂
  • If you are interested in Photography take with you tripod


  • people suffering from claustrophobia
  • people who can not get into the usual manhole
  • people suffering from low back pain or back problems
  • people have excess weight or heart disease