You will go for 3 days 4 nights hiking route throw the wild forests to explore abandoned city Pripyat
For 399€ per person
There is only one way to get unique experience from trip to Chernobyl Zone nowadays
Growing interest to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone made «Chernobyl delivery» – mass market plain and boring tours, there is not any more interest for people who want to be explorers and discover new life experience in Chernobyl Zone.
Chernobyl Zone it’s one of major places impacted for modern human history. Greatest ecological catastrophe on the earth born unique subculture of people who call themeself “stalkers”.
There is only one way to get unique experience from trip to Chernobyl Zone nowadays: explore guided by real-life stalker – guide by heart who has explored Chernobyl for all life and can discover for you hidden pages.
We are offering you visit Chernobyl with Stalker, guide who will open your eyes, taking you throw most interesting locations.
It’s better once read real story about Chernobyl exploration adventure with our team to understand how this experience looks like.
Day #1

Your tour will start late evening when we will transfer you 200 kilometers away from Kyiv.

At night you will cross the border of Chernobyl Exclusion zone and after walking 10 kilometers you will stay for camping in one of beautiful abandoned villages.

After sleeping and breakfast you will explore abandoned village and start trekking to the military city of abandoned radar station Duga-3.


Day #2


30 years nobody cut trees or kill anymals in Chernobyl exclusion zone so it’s absolutely wild nature. After 20 kilometers of night trekking throw the wild nature you will come to abandoned area of Chernobyl-2 city. Our major goal here is experience radar station Duga-3. You can climb radar to see sunset or sunrise by your own risk. (There is a chance to be spotted by guards)

After sleeping and good meal you will start hiking to abandoned city Pripyat.

Day #3


After 20 kilometers night hiking you will come to abandoned city Pripyat. You will se sunrise from the rooftop and will go to take rest inside one of ours stalker flats.

After taking rest and good meal you will go to explore all major city locations: swimming poole “Lazurny”, abandoned schools, administratove buildings, hospital 126, river port etc.

After Prypat you will hike back to the Chernobyl Zone Border. Where we will pick you up and transfer to your place in Kyiv.

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  • We accepting EUR, UAH, USD according to Google converter rate. Only cash on arrival.

During the season we can make really limited quantity of stalker tours, please contact us via to book your days.

!Important: all stuff need to be dark colors and all clothes and boots сomfortable and convenient!
– backpack 35 liters.
– tourist sleeping mat
– sleeping bag (temp.comf. +5)
– cup, spoon-fork, plate
– a set of personal hygiene (toothbrush, towel, soap …)
– thermal underwear
– spare socks x3 pairs
– warm sweater
– camouflaged or dark pants
– jacket or park (seasonal)
– headdress
– gloves
– trekking boots or sneakers
– personal trivia (phone, paverbank, camera …)
= Total weight must not be more than 15 kg. for each person
If you can not find the right one – we will buy it in Kyiv the day before the trip.
Prices in Kyiv for trekking stuff is cheap.

We have more than 8 years experience in organization stalker trips to Chernobyl. You will be provided with all specific things that you will need for comfortable adventure of your lifetime. In provide included:

  • all transfers from Kyiv and back;
  • really experienced english-speaking stalker will carry you all the time and will share with you all experience of Chernobyl abandoned world exploration that he have.
  • Radiometer.
  • We will help you with food and clean water supply.

Chernobyl Exploration Tour means that you will hike around 60 kilometers with bagpack by foot across area one of the most biggest ecological catastrophe in the world. So you must have trekking experience or be in the good physical feet to do that. Soberly assess your capabilities.

  • Don’t take anything with you from Chernobyl zone. We are following urbex ethics “Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints”.
  • There is always chance to be caught by police inside Chernobyl zone, but it’s a small administrative record (like wrong parking), so you can trust only our’s experience and reputation in organizing this adventure for you:)
  • At the moment in Chernobyl zone (especially on your route) doesn’t exist dangerous for your healths or life radiation levels. You must follow radiation safety rules, your guide will have Gaiger counter.
This tour can be the best adventure of your lifetime but:
Duga-3 The Hard Way: Going Long in Chernobyl
As the tail lights disappeared into the inky gloom amongst the pine, Oleg lit a cigarette. “We are quiet for 15 minutes. We wait.” The 8 of us stood in total silence listening to the occasional rustling of the trees. It was a perfect night for it...
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Report: Chernobyl Zone Alienation. 5 Days in the Cold, Winter 2018
The three of us are crouched, huddled on the icy roof of apartment block number 15, watching the sharp torch beams of the Ukrainian police department scan the buildings of Lenina Avenue, downtown Pripyat. I’m not sure if they are looking for us, or are just beginning a routine patrol of the city but our earlier close call has me expecting the former...
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NO PREPAYMENT NEEDED – pay on arrival


NO PREPAYMENT NEEDED – pay on arrival

Подарунковий сертифікат на індивідуальну екскурсію

Ціна сертифікату залежить від дня тижня коли можна його використати і кількості учасників.

Зараз ви нічого не сплачуєте. З вами зв’яжеться менеджер для підтвердження бронювання та уточнення деталей. 

Сертифікат буде дійсним до: 

 Подарунковий Сертифікат

Вартість сертифікату – 399₴ за 1 людину. Щоб замовити декілька сертифікатів заповніть цю форму потрібну кількість разів заново. 

Буде дійсним до:

Бронювання індивідуальної екскурсії
Підземний Хрещатик

3990₴ – до 10 учасників. ПН-ПТ.
4990– до 10 учасників. СБ-НД.

Оберіть бажану дату та час, з вами зв’яжеться менеджер для підтвердження бронювання та уточнення деталей.

NO PREPAYMENT NEEDED – pay on arrival

12 pers – 39 EUR per person

2 pers – 59 EUR per person

Подарочный сертификат на любую подземную экскурсию от Urbex Tour

– Сейчас вы ничего не платите!
– Укажите количество человек которых мы проведем под землю по вашему сертификату
Цена 799₴ – 2 участника груповой экскурсии.