Urbex Tour recognizes the importance of collecting, processing & storing data about Urbex Tour’s customers. That is why the resource policy is constantly updated in accordance with the new requirements so that we may fully guarantee compliance with current standards, including the GDPR according to the requirements of the EU.

Below you may find the full details of Urbex Tour’s Privacy Policy. If you’ve got questions, notes or suggestions, you may always contact us using the email info@urbextour.com

This Policy is subject to changes & updates. We urge you to be accountable for keeping track of the changes we are making to this policy. Be sure to check for updates. All references in the text that you will find under “Urbex Tour”, “we”, “our” & “us” are directly related to the Urbex Tour TM, which is the Ukrainian brand of Day Tours.

By these rules, which you may see below, we fully disclose all aspects of using the data received from you. We also describe the process of collecting data & safe storage, etc. Urbex Tour’s staff has the position of a Privacy Officer so that you may fully ensure that we are extremely responsible for the collecting & usage of private Data. If you decide to cooperate with Urbex Tour’s company as an intermediary, we also assure you that all of the rules below will be fully applicable to all whose interests you represent.

If in the process or after reading you have questions or suggestions, as well as if the data below seems incomplete to you, you may contact us using the email address info@urbextour.com.

What is to be collected

As commissioners of their own policymaking, we collect the data that we need. The list of such data varies depending on the circumstances & specific options. In different situations, data of varying degrees of security may be needed. First & last name data is always required, as well as basic contact Data. More complex data include passport & insurance policy data, as well as your medical record. In addition, often interested in Data:

  • Ordered products & services – help make delivery & satisfy private requirements for the following orders
  • Additional data about you or those whose intermediary you are.

An important point: there is a special section of data called sensitive Data. This is all that may be as private as possible, about your health or about your religious faiths. We are in no way interested in this for private gain – it is necessary to provide timely assistance in situations where it is necessary, & also only for your good.

Data is collected in the process of visiting the site from any device. For more Data, see the section on cookies. The data obtained using site analytics is not private, it is used only technically in algorithms that determine your preferences for content. You may always accept or refuse to collect Data, this is your full right.

When making a trip with Urbex Tour’s help, you may be filmed or photographed. We reserve the right to usage these media materials in Urbex Tour’s brochures & advertising to promote Urbex Tour’s brand. All Urbex Tour’s customers agree to the usage of media with their participation, whether it be video or photo, as well as voice recording. If you do not want the recordings with your participation to be used for advertising & Data purposes, please let us know separately using the available methods of contacting us.

The reasons to keep & use

Your private data is subject to the collection so that Urbex Tour’s company may fully fulfill its obligations to provide you with the highest quality products & services. We reserve the right to collect, store, use, & disseminate your data to meet the following goals:

  • Making a reservation according to your request
  • Travelling without problems, as some countries allow travel through their territory only when providing comprehensive data about passengers. These data & requirements may vary depending on the destination & transfer points. We recommend that you provide all data in case of force majeure to guarantee a comfortable trip
  • For full contact with you & to ensure prompt notification of all changes in your route & other nuances
  • For emergency communication in any situation
  • For combining & using the data in whole or in part in order to provide the best service & improve user experience
  • To offer you services of a similar nature that may interest you, including specialized mailings to an email or postal address
  • To provide relevant data to insurance companies & medical staff in cases where it is necessary to act in your interests & urgent need
  • To improve the performance of Urbex Tour’s site & improve its functionality
  • To identify possible shortcomings & errors in the site that interfere with the provision of services or products in the proper form.

Your provision of an e-mail address for making a reservation, as well as contact details, may be used even if the trip & payment are not made. All these details are stored in a database so that you may usage the reservation & other procedures on Urbex Tour’s service the next time without any problems, requiring the entry of relevant data. The letters to your email address will contain all the necessary Data, you may directly contact us & choose a way to interact with us or send a request to delete all private Data.

We keep your info for some time, taking into account all possible aspects, when your data may be in need for a specific purpose. We may also independently delete data about you from Urbex Tour’s archive in the event that for a long period you do not usage Urbex Tour’s services & do not plan to continue interacting with the service. If you have not used Urbex Tour’s services for a while, you may log in again or resend your data to us.

We do not use your private data for other purposes not described in this Policy without your consent. This is possible only if there is a real threat to safety or health, as well as if it is somehow connected with the need to provide data to representatives of law enforcement agencies. In this case, the disclosure of user data is subject to existing laws on the processing of private Data.

Collecting process

When requesting data from Urbex Tour’s representative, you may usage it yourself. You may contact us or request feedback, make a booking request, register for the competition or subscribe to Urbex Tour’s newsletter. We provide free access to Urbex Tour’s website, you may contact us through the media or directly through the store or in any other way, including through Urbex Tour’s business partners.

Data may be obtained from third parties. These include:

  • Your representatives or those who make a reservation for you on your behalf
  • Company & market research related to us in order to improve the quality of Urbex Tour’s products or services
  • From other related companies, including foreign ones
  • From Urbex Tour’s partners acting on Urbex Tour’s behalf or in Urbex Tour’s interests
  • From your insurance agents & other representatives, it may be possible to disclose medical & other sensitive data in situations that require intervention in your interests.

Data is subject to updating according to current changes in order to achieve maximum accuracy & consistency with reality.

You hereby confirm & declare that you’re aware of all possible risks, transfer your data for storage in accordance with the above rules & provide data about your friends & relatives without restrictions, as far as the booking of your trips through Urbex Tour’s service requires.

Info disclosal

The data that you provide is subject to disclosure only in exceptional cases but they also exist & are listed below. For example, to provide all of Urbex Tour’s services in full, you may need to provide detailed data – this is always indicated in a separate agreement. In addition to Urbex Tour’s company, data may be required for Urbex Tour’s partners or colleagues, including foreign ones. This will allow you to carry out the booking procedure & fully implement the function of transporting you abroad & back. Airlines & other companies insist on full travel data to ensure the safety of other passengers.

If you’re a representative of a third party, your data may also be needed as part of a marketing policy that is fully consistent & not against the law. Non-private data is used primarily for analysis & is not transmitted to third parties, it is impossible to track you. The data are necessary, including for overcoming force majeure situations, when the patient needs urgent treatment or surgery to save a life. In such situations, we act within the framework of the law & may disclose the data if necessary. For foreign partners, detailed data is necessary to safely allow you to enter & leave your country. data about everyone whose representative you’re on the trip is also provided to the relevant authorities. Please note that we are not responsible for the way these companies will manage your data but each company has its own policy for storing & using the data collected. Before submitting data, please read all available privacy statements for your safety.

Trans-Border Info Flows

By providing data to Urbex Tour’s service or providing us with access to it, you fully support Urbex Tour’s position on the policy of using & providing data to other organizations, such as Urbex Tour’s partners & related organizations, contact with which is necessary to organize the correct provision of goods & services at your request.

In the process of providing services or preparing for this, we may usage your data by providing it to foreign companies & resources. It is likely that your data must be disclosed in order to receive a response from a foreign source at your entry. We must also disclose private data so that you may travel freely with the required number of entries & exits from the country according to your approved route.

When providing Data, regardless of the recipient, we fully support the confidentiality clause & comply with all safety rules, which may be studied in more detail in the corresponding section at www.urbextour.com.

When private data of a client is disclosed to a third party, including a foreign one, the data is received & processed in accordance with the provisions of the country receiving the data. Otherwise, the request may be sent in accordance with the law in order to fully legalize the process & make the visit to the country your person or those whose representative you are, correct & technically correct.

By using Urbex Tour’s products & services, you fully agree that a recipient of the data who is abroad may not act in accordance with Ukrainian laws & has its own provisions on the storage & usage of your Data.

Due to the fact that we cooperate with different service providers around the world, we have to stipulate such nuances so that you may know how your data will be processed. If you have specific questions or nuances of misunderstanding on your part, you may ask us a question of interest using the contact details from the appropriate section. It is important to note that companies registered in the USA have their own rules for processing data & working with it, which are most often subject to the USA PATRIOT Act H.R. 3162.


We strictly adhere to safety provisions in all areas, including the physical & electronic side of the provision of such procedures. This is done to completely eliminate dangerous situations with unauthorized disclosure of data, as well as interfering with the services. Technologies & algorithms are regularly improved & refined in accordance with the latest requirements to provide complete protection of data & confidential Data.

Credit cards

All credit card payments are made using Fondy Ltd. payment gateway. If you’re interested in details or if you have specific questions about using this product, you may find out everything in detail at https://fondy.eu/en/security/.


When requesting private Data, we always offer you the possibility to choose. Depending on how convenient it’s for you, you are able to communicate with us anonymously, or using Urbex Tour’s website or any other method. Also, your request may not be possible, we always warn you about it. You can use the right to refuse to give us private info or not to approve the usage of cookies files, however in this case we are not holding our responsibility for the correct operation & do not guarantee presented services & goods in full accordance with the description. If you refuse to give us complete private Data, be prepared for the fact that:

  • The full pack of services is going to most likely be impossible, this may upset you.
  • Providing data, including about a variety of promotions that are beneficial to you, will be unavailable, which may result in your loss of profit
  • It is likely that the content of Urbex Tour will not be able to adapt to your customized requests, as a result of which the use of the site will not be as comfortable and enjoyable as we originally intended.

Private data access

We do not hide what data we store about you in Urbex Tour’s archives, you may always find out about it in detail. To do this, you must fully confirm your identity so that we do not provide your data to a third party unauthorized. It takes about 10 business days but in most cases, it may happen earlier if your confirmation is not in doubt.

If you find inaccurate or incorrect Data, you may send a request to update the data & we will make changes according to your wishes. This service is completely free, any number of changes or additions to the data is not subject to payment.

In some cases, we cannot provide you with access to the data you’re interested in. This happens when the fact of providing access is a violation of confidentiality or leads to it. In any case, if your request is refused, we will provide you with a detailed written explanation of the reasons & together we will try to resolve the disputed situation in your favor.

Privacy & marketing

Sometimes we usage private data of clients for advertising purposes, in particular, to determine the potential interest of the audience in a particular product, most often a novelty. We will inform you about this by using e-mail or other available means of communication with you. If receiving newsletters or calls is uncomfortable for you & you want to refuse this option, you may refuse this service – it is free & available at any time. If you want to renew your subscription again, you may also subscribe again to the newsletters or return your number to Urbex Tour’s database.

We support & follow the provisions of the Spam Law 2003, so your private data will by no means be transferred to third parties for direct marketing & spam sales.

COOKIES & web-links usage

When contacting a client through Urbex Tour’s website or sites, we always usage cookies, however, you have the right to refuse to collect Data. You may learn more about using the data provided on Urbex Tour’s website. If you usage Urbex Tour’s web-resource without additional refusal to collect data, you automatically agree to the usage of cookies.

Sites that are Urbex Tour’s official resources may contain links to third-party sites, as well as various analytical tools that we do not control, administer or support. Such resources are owned by Urbex Tour’s subsidiaries or are the property of third parties. Before going to such sites, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with their policies, as you’re fully responsible for the content that you see. We may not give guarantees on the correctness of the contents of other people’s sites & support the privacy policy of only Urbex Tour’s resources. We recommend that you pay attention to avoid conflict situations.


If for any reason you consider your privacy to be broken or lost, we ask you to contact Urbex Tour’s staff as quickly as possible. To do this, we provide contact data in several resources – usage the most convenient for you to tell all the latest data about the incident.

If you have a complaint, we recommend that you submit it in writing for a speedy trial with as many details as possible. Urbex Tour’s employees handle complaints in a routine manner, you should send your request to a special department using the specified data in order to receive feedback as soon as possible. If necessary, we will contact you to clarify the details & confirm the filing of the complaint, as well as your expected behavior by the company. For each request, a separate check of all specific aspects is carried out, the results of which we report. Be sure to clarify the data of the employee responsible for conducting the audit, as well as data on the dates in which the relevant audit should be carried out.

After completing the requests, we will contact you & report the result, you will receive a full response to the conclusions of the complaint that we will make. If there is an answer from you, we will also evaluate it & inform you of the conclusion reached. All disputes are resolved fairly & if possible in favor of the client.


If you have questions about the specific Policy presented, you may contact us. We also welcome feedback to clarify controversial nuances or doubts about the correctness of the processing of private data of each client. We take these issues seriously & carefully correct situations as far as possible. The easiest & most effective way to contact us – using the mail info@urbextour.com

Specially trained employees on these issues will contact you as soon as possible after your complaint has been sent to Urbex Tour’s department, & you will be able to discuss & solve the problem quickly & efficiently. We always strive for a competent solution to the problem & try to make Urbex Tour’s final decision on the situation in favor of the client, taking into account all important circumstances.


What’s this?

When you visit Urbex Tour’s sites, the system uses cookies. Cookies are special small files that are placed on the visitor’s computer with Urbex Tour’s help or with the help of Urbex Tour’s partners. Such files are completely safe, they help identify the device from which you visit the site but have no relation to your private Data. The web-resource receives the data & sends it to the system for statistical & analytical calculation, however, cookies do not allow visitors to be tracked & do not provide their private data for general use.

Cookies files are unique to your device, so all of your technical devices with which you visit sites will have different files. If you want to know more about this, simply visit www.aboutcookies.org/ & read the details of this technology. Such files are installed either by the web-resource owner or by its partners. Only the owner may know the data in the file, therefore access of third parties to them is strictly excluded.

You have the right to control which files you want to receive. To do this, you just need to reject third-party files or everything at all, all this is available in your browser settings. If you do not accept such files at all, then some functions may not work correctly or may not work at all – for example, the function of receiving & sending an order.

By refusing to usage cookies on your browser, you will deprive yourself of the opportunity to book something through Urbex Tour’s website & usage other potentially useful features.

By agreeing to the safe usage of sites from Urbex Tour’s company, you accept cookies & agree to their usage as described above.

The usage

We usage them for such purposes as:

  • Shopping cart for easy checkout
  • Collection of data on the usage of the web-resource to improve navigation & functionality
  • Learning from experience to provide potentially useful & interesting to you privately goods & services with similar or related characteristics
  • Updating marketing to demonstrate suitable offers & promotions on the web-resource & on other resources, including advertising networks.

Cookies help learn more about each user & his experience, including researching your search queries to make your interaction with the network more comfortable & useful. For example, data is used for:

  • Using the web-resource with all its functions & options
  • Demonstrations of relevant & useful suggestions & data
  • Examine the actions of other users to create their own recommendations.

Online purchase

When buying something through the site, you will have to usage cookies. They guarantee the process of tracking your purchases, in which case the company may study your choice so that it is as useful as possible for the selection of your next purchases.

Cookies take into account all the events marked in the list, even if you added products to the list but did not save it in an authorized basket, cookies will help to save this data. Thus, you may usage your kit again as soon as you return to the web-resource & want to visit Urbex Tour’s resource again.


The cookies described above are used together with programs for recording & measuring. With their help, a useful analysis is made of exactly how active users usage Urbex Tour’s site. Such data helps obtain useful data to determine what exactly you expect from visiting the resource. It also helps if you’re not going to make a purchase or order directly at the time of the visit but study the assortment & note interesting positions for yourself.

Cookies help understand how your route is built on Urbex Tour’s web-resource – this way we may work on errors that prevent you from getting the maximum benefit from the resource according to your requests. The collected data helps really improve & enhance the experience of using resources because they contribute to the collection of relevant data about users.

Ads and cookies

Thanks to cookies, we may show those products that will be of interest to you with a high degree of probability, based on the data received. Cookies provide data on how exactly you usage the web-resource on any particular technical device, whether it be a computer, smartphone or tablet. This helps to make the web-resource as customized as possible with every visit.


When visiting partner sites, you may familiarize yourself with the advertising that the web-resource will select for you according to algorithms based on the goods & services that you viewed. So the system will offer you only potentially interesting additional sources of Data. Collaboration with ad networks allows us to offer you the most relevant content on the market.


As for the usage of cookies by third-party suppliers, this is done so that you may fully evaluate the effectiveness of marketing & provide the most customized ad unit to each unique visitor. When you visit such analytical sections of the site, you automatically send data about your visits to the search engine, & it takes into account all your interests. The usage of the web-resource is fixed by cookies & transmitted to Google, after which all received data is recorded & create a clear report. We expressly declare that the usage of analytics by third parties is prohibited & cannot be carried out, therefore we will not associate data with private data. To get the most out of how this process works, you need to visit www.google.com/analytics. If you’re interested in Google’s detailed privacy statements, visit www.google.com/intl/en for all the data you need.

You may always refuse this option by disabling browser settings for a specific collection of statistics. Contact us to receive the link for exploring more precise.


As a user, you may change your browser settings in order to accept or decline any cookies. You may also choose which particular cookies you’re interested in, or prohibit them from automatically accepting & each time receiving a warning with a choice. To do this, usage the options in your browser & usage the help to find out the details for a specific web browser.

Bringing back

For those who change their mind about using cookies after accepting them, there is an additional opportunity. You may always delete such files even after installation. Just usage the help to find out exactly how you may do this for a specific browser. In the future, you may completely refuse cookies, for this you need to accept the appropriate browser settings.

In addition, when you refuse cookies, we remind you that you will have to lose some important options on the site, such as newsletters or the ability to place an order online.

Подарунковий сертифікат на індивідуальну екскурсію

Ціна сертифікату залежить від дня тижня коли можна його використати і кількості учасників.

Зараз ви нічого не сплачуєте. З вами зв’яжеться менеджер для підтвердження бронювання та уточнення деталей. 

Сертифікат буде дійсним до: 

 Подарунковий Сертифікат

Вартість сертифікату – 399₴ за 1 людину. Щоб замовити декілька сертифікатів заповніть цю форму потрібну кількість разів заново. 

Буде дійсним до:

Бронювання індивідуальної екскурсії
Підземний Хрещатик

3990₴ – до 10 учасників. ПН-ПТ.
4990– до 10 учасників. СБ-НД.

Оберіть бажану дату та час, з вами зв’яжеться менеджер для підтвердження бронювання та уточнення деталей.

NO PREPAYMENT NEEDED – pay on arrival

12 pers – 39 EUR per person

2 pers – 59 EUR per person

Подарочный сертификат на любую подземную экскурсию от Urbex Tour

– Сейчас вы ничего не платите!
– Укажите количество человек которых мы проведем под землю по вашему сертификату
Цена 799₴ – 2 участника груповой экскурсии.