There is only one place on the Earth where you can touch the real apocalypse button! It’s hidden behind several blast-resistant doors on the bottom level of a bunker constructed inside a missile silo.
From 78€ per person!
FULL DAY tour to Missile Base

This experience costs your early awakening! Wake up early and we transfer you 300 kilometres away from Kyiv where you can see and touch the unique real Missile Base!

With an experienced guide, you will:

  • walk through secret underground tunnels under the Missile Base
  • push the nuclear attack button inside a bunker
  • discover the most powerful missile R-36M2 “Governor” nicknamed “Satan”
  •  touch several units of Soviet military equipment
More Info
  • Early morning, at 7-8 AM, we pick you up from your apartment
  • After 3 hours of driving, you reach the Missile Base museum located on the expanses of the steppes of Southern Ukraine
  • After a visit to the Missile Base and 2+ hour tour with a live guide, you make a stop for lunch and come back to Kyiv

  • Approx at 6 PM, we drop you to your apartment.

Price per person, EUR:                

Number of people in a group:

The price for this tour includes:

  • Private car and driver
  • Private English-speaking guide
  • Tickets to the Museum + photo/video permission
  • Tickets to the Command Bunker with a nuclear button

There is nothing special required for this tour. Check the weather at “Pobuzhska Pogoda”  early morning before you leave the premise and you might wanna take an umbrella or a cap (if it’s gonna rain) because a part of the tour, you will walk outdoor.

The Missile Base is the official national museum of Ukraine.
100% safe and legal

The tour is not recommended:



Price of the tour is calculated individually, it depends on the size of the group. Pay attention that the more people are traveling the price of the tour is cheaper for each person!

Bookings & meetings

To book a tour, please push
“book for free” button and fill the form:
– the desired date of the tour;
– number of people in the group;
– the desired time of departure from / arrival to Kyiv

(approximate one-way transfer is about 2.5 – 3 hours; tour usually takes the whole day so the recommended time of departure from Kyiv is 7.30-8.00 am).


Leave you wanting more!
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Max was amazing, as we explored underground tunnel systems he was very knowledgeable, would 100% recommend if your looking for something different for your trip to Kiev!
Tobias S
Tobias S
Great experience, nothing you can usually do!
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The tour was really something special you usually can't do. It will take you a little bit out of your comfort zone but I promise you it is worth it :). People with claustrophobia should look for something else as described. But if you don't mind tight tunnels and you like to experience the extreme, go for it!
Excellent insight into the underground of Kiev
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Wow, this trip was just amazing, Max is a great tour guide, really knows his stuff. Very helpful and very knowledgable. All in all a fab few hours exploring the depths of Kiev. I was thinking I was going to crawling on my hands and knees thankfully this wasn’t the case, more of a low stoop with some very low ceilings. As a tip do not go in your best clothes, wear sensible outfits that you don’t mind getting a bit mucky. Don’t forget to wear a belt to hold your gum boots up. I would highly recommend this to anybody who wants to have a break from the norm. 10/10
Simply awesome
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This was by far the best thing we did in Kiev on our journey to Chernobyl. I wish there were some longer tours with these people, even something more "hardcore".
Alissia K
Alissia K
Urbex tour
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Me and my friends had a great time during the tour. Our guide was really friendly and had a lot of interresting stories. The tour was one of the coolest things we did in Kiev. It’s an activity for the more adventurous people among us: crawling through narrow spaces, darkness,... I would not recommend it to children or people who are not in great condition.
Truly Awesome
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Make a change from boring museums and live a little! This was an amazing time learning about a culture of explorers and adventure.
Kiev Underground in three hours!
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This experience was a break neck tour of subterranean kiev. Our guide (Max?) passionate, funny and well informed about the underground drainage tunnels of Kiev and the usage and protocols of the old Civil Defense Nuclear bunkers. We never felt unsafe and the provided gear meant we were only slightly dirty coming out! People over 6ft might struggle with the shorter ceiling passages that require you to bend over significantly. All in all, a great and informative tour in a challenging location!
Real Untouched History
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This was simply great. The tunnels were a fun activity to explore, not too physical (a bit tougher to crouch-walk when you're 6' 4" but still easily done) as you went through them. Max's English was perfect and he was very knowledgeable about the Kyiv underground. The second aspect of the trip at the Cold War Bunker was superb. It was Untouched and real history surrounding you instead of in an exhibition behind a glass case. Highly recommend if you're visiting Kyiv.
Awesome experience!
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My start began awfully as I was dropped to incorrect destination and as a result missed my tour. Vlad from Urbex put me touch with Max (tour guide) and rescheduled me to the following day's tour, and I am so thankful he did. It was an outstanding tour! Being under Kiev in those tunnels and the underground bunker were well worth it. I highly recommend to any that visit Kiev. Thank you again Vlad and Max. Max you done a great job as guide. 5 stars.
Mika T
Mika T
An awesome experience which you will not forget
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We had a private 8-people and the other 7 had no idea what we were going to do. Max did an awesome job with us. Guys had a really unique experience!
Different and excellent tour
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We highly recommend this Kiev Urbex Tour to the drain tunnels and a bunker to everyone who wants to see different things than usually. Our guide Max was really good and told many special things about the tunnels and bunker. 3 hours tour went so fast, sneaking around was really fun and excitement! At tunnels you need special "rubbershoes", which they'll give you, and also gloves and torche are included. We would like to go more to the different local ug and abandoned places with them, please organize them more!
Excellent entertainment
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Tunnel + bunker/archive visit. Tunnel were interesting to see, but the real highlight was the building visited after that. Very interesting to see the almost untouched archives, storage, offices and command parts. Max is well informed and highly dedicated to his interest and goal. Were I to visit again, I would see if I could spec a custom, private tour with him

YOU PAY NOTHING NOW!  – you will be required to pay small deposit to confirm your tour before departure. 


NO PREPAYMENT NEEDED – pay on arrival

Подарунковий сертифікат на індивідуальну екскурсію

Ціна сертифікату залежить від дня тижня коли можна його використати і кількості учасників.

Зараз ви нічого не сплачуєте. З вами зв’яжеться менеджер для підтвердження бронювання та уточнення деталей. 

Сертифікат буде дійсним до: 

 Подарунковий Сертифікат

Вартість сертифікату – 399₴ за 1 людину. Щоб замовити декілька сертифікатів заповніть цю форму потрібну кількість разів заново. 

Буде дійсним до:

Бронювання індивідуальної екскурсії
Підземний Хрещатик

3990₴ – до 10 учасників. ПН-ПТ.
4990– до 10 учасників. СБ-НД.

Оберіть бажану дату та час, з вами зв’яжеться менеджер для підтвердження бронювання та уточнення деталей.

NO PREPAYMENT NEEDED – pay on arrival

12 pers – 39 EUR per person

2 pers – 59 EUR per person

Подарочный сертификат на любую подземную экскурсию от Urbex Tour

– Сейчас вы ничего не платите!
– Укажите количество человек которых мы проведем под землю по вашему сертификату
Цена 799₴ – 2 участника груповой экскурсии.