buran space shuttle urbex tour

You will go for 3 days 4 nights hiking route throw the desert to explore abandoned space shuttles Buran at Baikonur.
For 2990€ per person
Touch the dead Soviet space dreams guided by experienced urban explorer:

The abandoned hangar is located at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, which is still in operation today. We will hike through the desert 30 kilometers and will stay overnight in hangar with space shuttles and rocket Energiya. You can experience this adventure and touch the real history of space exploration.

Day #1
Hiking to hangars

Your tour will start late evening in the town of Kyzilorda. Our driver will pick you up and drive 200 kilometers and drop you at our secret point in the desert.

Guided with our guide who was several times in Baikonur you will hike to hangars and probably stay for camping in one of abandoned missile launch positions on the way.

Day #2 & 3

Exploring Buran and Energiya

This day you will spend inside hangards with abandoned space shuttle prototypes and rocket Energiya. You can take pictures and camping inside hangars.

Day #4

Way back

After urbex you will hike back to the our secret location where our driver will pick you up and transfer back to city of Kyzilorda.

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  • We accepting EUR, UAH, USD according to Google converter rate. Only cash on arrival.

During the year we can make one or two of this tours, please contact us via info@urbextour.com to book 

!Important: all stuff need to be dark colors and all clothes and boots сomfortable and convenient!
– backpack 35 liters.
– tourist sleeping mat
– sleeping bag (temp.comf. +5)
– cup, spoon-fork, plate
– a set of personal hygiene (toothbrush, towel, soap …)
– thermal underwear
– spare socks x3 pairs
– warm sweater
– camouflaged or dark pants
– jacket or park (seasonal)
– headdress
– gloves
– trekking boots or sneakers
– personal trivia (phone, paverbank, camera …)
= Total weight must not be more than 8 kg. for each person

We have more than 8 years experience in organization urbex expeditions to different places world wide. You will be provided with:

  • transfer from Kyzilorda to the desert and back;
  • really experienced english-speaking guide will carry you all the time.
  • Food and water for hiking.

This Urbex Tour means that you will hike around 30 kilometers with bagpack by foot across the desert with snaked and wild anymals. So you must have trekking experience or be in the good physical feet to do that. Soberly assess your capabilities.

Also you may accept the risk to be caught by police.

This tour can be the best adventure of your lifetime but:
How this trip looks like?
Space Jam: Pizdetz in Baikonur
There is a great word in Russian: ‘Pizdetz’ or ‘пиздец’, which is often used to describe a situation in which things have gone really, really, irreconcilably wrong. I’d never heard it used before I set foot in Glorious-Nation-Kazakhstan, but by about day 5 of this little outing, a trip with such an unbelievable collage of mishaps, mistakes and unfortunate events, I never wanted to hear it again.
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The Road to Space Begins at Baikonur
Baikonur is the first and largest cosmodrome in the world. This location excites the minds of all those who care about the distance and impressive buildings. So, what hides behind the walls of the cosmodrome?
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NO PREPAYMENT NEEDED – pay on arrival

Бронювання індивідуальної екскурсії
Підземний Хрещатик

3990₴ – до 10 учасників. ПН-ПТ.
4990– до 10 учасників. СБ-НД.

Оберіть бажану дату та час, з вами зв’яжеться менеджер для підтвердження бронювання та уточнення деталей.

NO PREPAYMENT NEEDED – pay on arrival

12 pers – 39 EUR per person

2 pers – 59 EUR per person

Подарочный сертификат на любую подземную экскурсию от Urbex Tour

– Сейчас вы ничего не платите!
– Укажите количество человек которых мы проведем под землю по вашему сертификату
Цена 799₴ – 2 участника груповой экскурсии.