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paris-catacombs-dark-urbex-tour-underground-monmartre PARIS CATACOMBS DARK TOUR
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This tour takes approximately 4.5 hours of your lifetime in active adventure. During this Paris Catacombs exploration tour with our experienced guide you will:

  • Walk 7 kilometers through the tunnel system under the 14th district of Paris
  • Have a full introduction to the historical heritage of Paris Catacombs and Cataphiles culture.
  • Have an absolutely new eye-opening experience in Paris


Pricing and how to BOOK


2-6 70
  • Prices are given in EUR
  • We accept EUR or USD according to Google converter rate. We charging payment only after tour, you don’t need to pay in advance. Only cash.
  • The tour will be INDIVIDUAL for you or your group.
  • The meeting place will be in the south of Paris, metro line 4.

You can book this tour from Sunday till Thursday. Friday and Saturday is closed for booking.

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What is Paris Catacombs?

In the ground beneath Paris, hundreds of miles of tunnels run like arteries. Spaces of all kinds lie underneath the streets : canals and reservoirs, prisons, crypts and bank vaults, wine cellars transformed into nightclubs and galleries. None are as creepy as the infamous Catacombs.

At a depth of 20 meters, equivalent to the size of a five-storey building, the catacombs lie deeper than the Metro and sewer systems. These 100 kilometers of old caves, quarries and tunnels are also home to the bones of around 6 million deceased Parisians from the past centuries. The history of the Catacombs is one of gory necessity: the story of a city which could no longer contain its dead.

The quarries that became the Catacombs have been mined since the times of the Romans, being expanded over the centuries to provide stone for the needs of the city – such as for building the notable Notre Dame de Paris and the Louvre. By the 18th century the mining of limestone quarries created a side effect an entire underground city – walls and entire buildings started falling underground.By the order of Louis XVI, a special service called the Inspection of Mines (Inspection Générale des Carrières) was created – they united several separate quarries and regularly took care of the tunnels’ condition. The first ossuaries appeared shortly after.

The Paris Catacombs played a part in many important historical events of the city – during World War II, both the Nazis and the Résistance made their bunkers in different parts of the system. During the protests of May 1968, the students would use the catacombs to escape from the police. And up to these days the Catacombs remain a place with its own culture, and even illegal underground parties. Today the Paris Catacombs are an important unofficial “landmark”, attracting adventurers and urban explorers from all over the world.

The tour will take place in the “illegal”, unofficial Catacombs, that are much bigger than the part that is publicly available in Catacombs Museum.

Tips and Recommendations
  • Don’t take massive backpacks with you! (part of the route goes through the tunnels, which are narrow or/and have low-ceiling)
  • Consider wearing a cap or something on your head!
  • Put on comfortable clothes you are not afraid to make a little dirty. No tuxedo and high heels! 🙂
  • If you are interested in Photography, bring a tripod
What you will be provided with?

For passing underground route you need to wear comfortable clothes which you will be not upset to get a little bit dirty and wet – you are going to real underground tunnels. Be ready for adventures!

Pants must be with belt, or take belt with you separately.The temperature underground is about + 15 °, regardless of the temperature on the surface.

Don’t take massive backpacks and bags. Better not to take bags at all, or take a small one.  It is not comfortable to move in tunnels with big bags full of massive camera gear.

You will be provided with:

  • torches
  • gloves
  • high rubber boots

The tour is NOT RECOMMENDED for:

  • people suffering from claustrophobia
  • people who find it difficult to get into a usual manhole
  • people suffering from low back pain or back problems
  • people with excessive weight or heart diseases