Communist Greetings from Buzludzha

Памятник коммунизму в Бузлудже

Communism did not pass unnoticed not only for minds and lives, but also for architecture. Massive buildings with attributes still remind of this period. One of such evidences of the “red” power is the Bulgarian “flying saucer” on the Bulgarian mountain Buzludzha.

Space communism

The structure of an unusual form is visible for many kilometers around, and is located in just 12 kilometers from the Shipka Pass. Construction’ building started in 1974, and all those who weren’t indifferent took part in it. The opening of the monument took place in 1981, as a tribute to the Bulgarian Communist Party. The place was not chosen accidentally, it was there that the detachment of Haji Dimitar died, when the Bulgarian lands had not yet gotten rid of the power of the Ottoman Empire. The construction proceeded on a grand scale, the budget of the whole building with a height of 171 meters, amounted to 25 million leva (almost $ 400 million). Money was allocated not only by the government, but donations of ordinary citizens as well.


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The “plate” became a place for the most joyful moments of any person of that time: they accepted them as pioneers, noted all the achievements of the Comintern, met the dignitaries. The shrine of the Bulgarian Communists was known throughout Europe, causing delight and admiration.

Today, the building on top of Hadji Dimitra has already lost its status and the new generation does not even suspect that once every Communist in the country considered it his duty to visit this place. The Bulgarian Socialist Party is still celebrating here on July 20  as well as enthusiasts who love history gladly make pilgrimages here to see the plate with their own eyes.

The flying saucer that may disappear

The former communist Mecca is literally being pulled apart brick by brick over the past decades. All decorative items, electrical cables and valuables were taken out by marauders. Although the portraits of Marx, Engels and Lenin are still silently hang on the walls with reproachful looks. Time give no quarter to the building, and the processes of destruction have been launched.

Getting to the historical monument is not so easy, especially since nobody has been using the path for a long time. Almost all the exits to the building are walled up by workers who periodically come to Buzludja. There are some rumors that building can be restored and turned into a museum, but there was no official confirmation of them.

It should be noted the plate itself is not the single place of interest, but also the 70-meter stele, located nearby. Still further is the above-mentioned Shipka monument, another communist object, but not abandoned, unlike Buzludzhi.

Vandals painted the walls of the building and left behind piles of garbage. Looking at this, closing all the holes looks reasonable. It remains only to guess how much time will pass before the triumphal restoration or complete decline of the communist shrine.

Photos from the source.


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