The History of The Rock Bunker

Zhytomyr region may surprise not only by its natural beauty, like Korostyshevsky canyon, but a historical reminder of the war years as well. It is in this area that the unique military-historical complex “The Rock” is located. The underground command post keeps many secrets, and it worthies your time to visit.

Nature shelter

Once upon a time, on the place where the “Rock” is located today, there was a Drevlians’ fortification. Caves with thick granite walls were found and occupied by tribes as early as the 6-10th centuries. After hundreds of years, in the first half of XX century, natural resources were used to create military fortifications.


Under the guidance of military engineer Vasily Kosarev, in the strictest secrecy mode, the command post of the Korostenskiy Fortified District of the Ukrainian Army (UR № 5) was built. Construction lasted from 1934 to 1938, and the result of effort can be estimated to this day.

In early July 1941, it was in this fortification point that part of the army with the machine-gun battalion held their positions. The turn of Korostensky UR did not let the enemy to Kyiv till the beginning of August.

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Turning into “The Rock”

After the war, for some time the bunker served as the residence of local citizenzs. This lasted until the 60s, after which it became empty and began to collapse little by little. The name “Rock” was fixed to the object much later, after 1986. It was then that the building was converted to the needs of the civil defense of the city of Korosten.

Today it is a museum complex, which has found its refuge right on the banks of the river Uzh. “The Rock” is located in the center of Korosten and is a local landmark since 2005.

This object consists of three levels, although tourists can see only the second one. Its length is about 146 meters. Visitors have access to 36 rooms, with a total area of ​​472 m². The total area of the underground complex is 1121 m³, and the length of the upper tier reaches a length of about two hundred meters. As for the lower tier, the entrance to it was walled up in 1941. There is also a version that the upper and lower levels are mined, and that is why no one tries to get there. In addition to exhibits directly related to the year 1941, there are also some things from the time of the Chernobyl disaster.

Testimonies of past years

“The Rock” is equipped with its own well, there are places for water storage: stainless tanks for 15 and 10 tons for drinking and technical water, respectively. Once there was its own water supply, centralized ventilation system and even pressure level control. It was provided and autonomous power supply. Bunker offered everything for relax and duty.

Almost all the exhibits of the modern museum were found in the fortifications of Korostensky and Novograd-Volyn fortifications. It also presents various photographs of those times.

It is noteworthy that the alarm button is still working in the communication center. When the bunker was used for its intended purpose, this point provided long-distance radio and wire telephone and telegraph communication with the government communications room.

The museum is still being developed and replenished with exhibits. In 2011, a hall dedicated to the SMERSH division, counterintelligence of the NKVD, was added here. Research is continuing and the bunker itself, not so long ago a new passage between the rooms was opened, which is not marked on any existing scheme.

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