Urbexing Red Star Train Graveyard in Budapest

abandoned steam trains in budapest

Istvántelek is a place that could easily become a perfect decorations for a post-apocalyptic film. The abandoned locomotive depot near Budapest saw the fall of the monarchy, the collapse of the empire, the occupation by the fascists and, of course, socialism. Today there is a struggle between the remnants of the human presence and nature.

A storehouse of historical memory

The official name of the depot sounds like “Krasnaya Zvezda” (“Red Star”), and it is the unique one among similar places around the world. Here you can find almost legendary 4-cylinder locomotives MAV 301, 1911-1914 years. There are only two such models left in the world, and both are in the depot in Istvantelek. In total, about a hundred vehicles are rotting in the depot.

“Krasnaya Zvezda” depot was built in the early twentieth century, but at first it served as the construction point of the national railway. Today, only a few parts of the railway station are in operation; they are on the south. In total, there are two warehouses, open areas with cars and locomotives, as well as several sheds are placed here. It is noteworthy that some of the “residents” of the depot stayed here forever, quite by chance, after being sent in for repair and maintenance.

The main intrigue around this place is presumably usage of the depot vans for sending Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz. There is no exact proof of this; perhaps it’s just the same model.

Untouched artifacts

“Krasnaya Zvezda” has been able to remain practically untouched by the object. Due to proximity of Ishtvanteleka to a million-plus city, it sounds fantastic. Here you will not find graffiti or rubbish left by tourists and stalkers.

In the depot you can even find train tickets from the 60s. Shelving, interior wagons, paper in offices, and tools are still on their place in the silent depot. The train engines are gradually rotted in their places, and the wheels grow into the ground. The object just froze in time, nobody is engaged in restoration, and the situation will hardly ever change.

You can get to the territory only by receiving special entry documents, public access is closed here. The former depot is guarded and fenced around the perimeter.

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