Nevodnichi Underground River in Kyiv

underground river kyiv
The stream flows along the bottom of the Navodnitskaya Beam partially under Staronavodnitskaya Street. It is also known under the name “Dushgebitza”. Nevodnitskay Pier or Nevodichi belonged to the “Vydubitsky” monastery. The stream Nevodichi was the natural boundary between the possessions of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the Vydubitsky monastery. Today the river taken into the tunnel continues to flow its waters into the Dnieper river… but now underground … underground river kyiv The creek flows into the Dnieper near the Paton Bridge. In the lower reaches of the creek tunnel is a cascade with a lot of differential chambers with pools. Kyiv urbex tour Kyiv underground river tour Underground Tour of Kyiv is available for yourand your friends! tour with urban explorer kyiv foggy underground river in kyiv tour through underground tunnels in kyiv This pipe goes under Staronavodnitskaya street and through it you can get out to the system of deep underground utilities under the elite sleeping complex near Pecherskaya metro station. forgotten decay tunnels ukraine Nevodnichi is undoubtedly one of the most interesting underground rivers in Kiev. If it will be interesting to walk through the tunnels, it is better to do it guided by an experienced digger. We invite you to take part in a tour of the underground Kyiv!  

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