Climbing Top of the North Bridge in Kyiv

Spring came to Kiev, we are really glad of that and ANOTHER.KIEV crew jst been walking near North Bridge and unexpectedly for ourselves, we were at the top. North Bridge (Moscow bridge in past) the northest one bridge over Dnipro river in Kiev. It was built in 1976 and has 119 meters height. There is ladders inside pylons so it was easy to climb on the top and door was open, probably workers forgot to close it. The bridge keeps balance with the help of steel ropes, usually we climbed to the top with their help. climbing by ropes to the top of moskovsky bridge From the top you can see greatest view to left shore of Dripro river and Troeshina neighbourhood. stepana bandery street Guys were sitting on the edge and watching sunset. oleg and max on the moscow bridge top A lot of cars passing through Stepana Bandery Prospect and North Bridge from side to side over Dnipro river. stepana bandery street from the top Undexpectly for us Oleg were climbed to the beacon spire. on the pivnychni bridge top Happy Easter from the top! happy easter from the bridge top Kyiv subterranean tunnels are waiting for your visit! Will you come there? “Why HE is climbing, but MY knees are shaking?” on the top of Pivnichny bridge Subscribe to Oleg Shytov instagram another.kiev crew on the top of pivnichny bridge   sunset from the pivnichny bridge top Slowly sun went down over horizon and hide in clouds. It was definitely cool  beginning on roof season in Kiev)  

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