Chernobyl Urbex Tour Through Golden Autumn

stalker on the top of russian woodpekker
The best time to visit Chernobyl Exclusion Zone illegally is “Golden Autumn”. It’s period of time between mid of September till mid of November. No mosquitoes and other insects only foggy landscapes on the way throw abandoned villages to ghost town Pripyat. Every year we make an expedition to Chernobyl. This time we had drone with us to take some shots climbing on radar station Duga-3, but major goal was enjoy the post apocalyptic atmosphere in this no-man land. We used same road as last time, you can read in article Going long in Chernobyl  foggy morning in chernobyl zone On the edge of abandoned village Zamoshnia. morning fogg in chernobyl 30 years nobody watching this houses abandoned house 31 year after Old Believers Church in the village Zamoshnia. There are still traces of bullets and shells on the walls since the Second World War. If you stay in Kyiv on the way to Chernobyl Book our Kyiv Urbex Tour is waiting for you! next to abandoned church in chernobyl zone The fog dissipates over the autumn field. morning field in chernobyl I love the Chernobyl zone at night. To walk in silence on the night road, a very realistic feeling that for tens of kilometers there is no man. Sometimes we help get this experience to other adventurers and travelers, how it’s going you can rear here Sneaking into Chernobyl nights roads in chernobyl zone Beautiful pattern on the wall in the soldier’s canteen in Chernobyl-2 military city. It has all the dreams of the future, impressive fleeting art. drawing in a soldier's dining room of an abandoned military town Chernobyl-2 In the evening we climbed on the Russian spring woodpecker. Beautiful sunset from a height of 150 meters. ladder to the top of radar station duga Climbing to the top usually takes around 20 minutes. climbing duga radar station 2018 Soviet over-the-horizon (OTH) radar system used as part of the Soviet anti-ballistic missileearly-warning network. The system operated from July 1976 to December 1989. Two operational Duga radars were deployed, one near Chernobyl and Chernihiv in the Ukrainian SSR (present-day Ukraine), the other in eastern Siberia. duga radar station from drone The Duga systems were extremely powerful, over 10 MW in some cases, and broadcast in the shortwave radio bands. They appeared without warning, sounding like a sharp, repetitive tapping noise at 10 Hz, which led to it being nicknamed by shortwave listeners the Russian Woodpecker. stalker on the top of russian woodpekker   duga radar station from drone   urbextour on the top of radar stationduga-3 The sun is setting, it means it’s time for us to go down. There is a long road ahead to the abandoned city of Pripyat. down from the top of russian woodpekker Pripyat is a ghost town in northern Ukraine, near the Ukraine-Belarus border. After the disaster the city of Pripyat was evacuated in two days. Foggy morning we have been walking throw it’s empty streets. stalker on the balcony watching on abandoned town prypiat Pripyat was founded in February 1970 as an atomograd, the satellite city of an atomic power plant. It was home first the construction workers, then the plant operators and their families. “Rostok” grocery store. All buildings in Chernobyl are empty inside, opposite to buildings in Fukushima exclusion zone which we visited in May. Rostok abandoned shop in Chernobyl Val taking some drone shots near ferris wheel. drone pilot next to Ferris wheel in abandoned city Soviet coat of arms on a 16-storey building in the center of Pripyat. Within its boundaries, the now abandoned city contained all the amenities of a thriving community — dozens of stores, schools, a hospital, parks and recreation areas. A theme park was due to be opened less than one month after the accident, but all plans failed after the eve of April 26th that year. During the day we were hiding from police patrols, but sun is going down so it’s a best time to walk ghost streets to explore abandoned town. stalker is watching from the rooftop in Kiev Nature takes back all areas where people have been living. Now Pripyat streets looks like jungles. streets of ghost town Pripyat Abandoned telephone point in the city center of Pripyat. a stalker and an abandoned telephone booth at a corner at night Svitanok – sculptural relief with a mosaic on the store “Kolosok”, 1979 (artist – Ivan Litovchenko) Svitanok - sculptural relief with a mosaic on the store "Kolosok", 1979 (artist - Ivan Litovchenko) We will definitely come back here next year. Stalkers on the rooftop in Prypiat  

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