Urbexing Deep in Fukushima Red Zone

abandoned alcohol on the shelves in Fukushima exclusion zone

Take nothing but pictures,
leave nothing but footprints.

For more than 14 years fascination with urban exploration, every time I am convinced, that this way more truly allows us to touch the important events from world history, to feel deeply by the subconscious all those experiences, which have imposed time and events on the surrounding reality. Every year, my friends and I get out to visit some unique abandoned place with the risk of being caught. But, namely the risk makes it possible to feel truly alive.

A year ago, the ray of my flashlight disturbed the tomb of the abandoned spacecraft of the Buran project, which were forgotten in the hangar in the middle of the Kazakh steppe. All my life I dreamed to be closer to the stars and one night I succeeded.

Two years ago, we spent a week exploring the Chernobyl exclusion zone, strolling the paths of wild animals through abandoned towns and villages. The Soviet ideology collapsed. And looking for its tracks, we wandered through the dusty apartment of the ruins of the eternally young city Pripyat. Each of us felt, that this place is about the same day – April 26, 1986, when time stopped here.

Even in my childhood, I often imagined the situation that I would wake up, but all of a sudden went away and the city remained abandoned, as in the movie “I’m a legend”. Later I found out that there was only one such place. After the accident at the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant, more than 200,000 people were evacuated from the radioactive contamination zone. People just left all their things and left. Entire cities plunged into the darkness. Until today, in the red zone of alienation around the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant is strictly forbidden, the penalty for illegal penetration in the region of $ 2000 per person. Perimeters are covered by the police and the local squad, thus everything inside the zone remained untouched. Rushing through the bushes that grew on abandoned rice fields, we went out to the moonlit road. In the stuffy Japanese night, sweat filling up the eyes, constantly glancing at the dosimeter’s readings, we headed deep into the red zone.

map fukushima red zone

Okuma – is a small town with a population of 10 000 people was evacuated the first, it is in it placed the Fukushima-1, a nuclear power plant. Bypassing numerous cameras with motion detectors arranged by the police in order to catch looters, we were approaching the central part of the city. Surprisingly, traffic lights are still working.

traffic lights in abandoned town Okuma, red zone Fukushima exploring

In a stuffy, moisture-saturated climate, the streets began greenery quickly. The radiation background on the asphalt varies between 150-250 microroentgen per hour.

green jungle takes back all areas where human have been living

The first thing we came across was the alcohol shop. Following the idea of urban exploration, we did not go into people’s homes, only abandoned public spaces.

Abandoned alcohol shop in Okuma, Fukushima red zone

Marauders have already visited, and many shelves are turned upside down by wild animals that have penetrated into houses in search of food.

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Inside abandoned alcohol shop in Fukushima red zone

Good find)

Black Label in abandoned alcohol shop

The village center is quite overgrown.

Okuma town will be taken back to the nature by green Jungles

The Public library of Okuma – is a beautiful building with a turret on the roof.

Abandoned library in Okuma abandoned town

The front door was not locked and inside the library everything was on its place.

inside abandoned library in Okuma city

Books that no one has touched for seven years.  There was practically no radiation background in the building, only 20-25 micro-roentgen per hour.

in abandoned library everything untouched

After the library, we went for a walk around the central part of the city, everywhere there were abandoned cars.

Streets of abandoned city became jungles

Many of them look completely new, but if you will get a closer look – and there is a tree growing from the bumper.

Abandoned car in the Okuma red zone city

This dude forgot to close the windows, and in the cabin he settled ivy.

Plants growing inside abandoned cars

The School of Okuma.

Walking empty streets of Okuma - abandoned town in Fukushima red zone

The school gym apparently served as a gathering place before the evacuation. In packages personal belongings of people, the floor is covered with polyethylene sheeting.

evacuation sport complex in Okuma

Sports equipment in one of the rooms of the gym.

Sport staff in abandoned stadium

Bushes absorb the SUV.

riot of nature in Fukushima red zone

The empty streets of Okuma, that same empty city from the visions of my childhood.

streets of abandoned Fukushima red zone town Okuma

Bushes of a tea rose grew and threatened to take the street.

roses bushes became wild and grew up on the street

Greens briskly expands the tiniest cracks in the asphalt.

abandoned shop in Okuma town

Inside an abandoned pharmacy.

a little bit looted drugs shop in Futaba

The entrance to the domestic store was also opened.

oped doors to abandoned supermarket

inside abandoned buildings in Fukushima

inside abandoned shop chaos

inside abandoned supermarket in fukushima

The streets were quite heavily overgrown in just seven years. Pripyat grew much slower.

banch on the street of abandoned town okuma

It was already quite light and, fearing the morning patrols, we moved towards the exit from the red zone of alienation. As Ukrainian stalkers say “to the big earth” – after all, the zone of alienation, it is always a separate, small world, where its own rules and laws. Who are we here, not invited guests.

exploring urbex Fukushima

Trucks in perpetual parking, only rust and deflated wheels give out abandonment.

abandoned parking on the streets of Okuma

On the outskirts of the city we went into an abandoned supermarket.

Entrance to abandoned supermarket in Okuma city-center, Fukushima red zone

The doors here are open for plowing, the pigeons have done their work.

inside abandoned supermarket in okuma

A stolen counter with elite alcohol for $ 150 per bottle.

abandoned alcohol on the shelves in Fukushima exclusion zone

abandoned alcohol in Fukushima supermarket

I was always wondering what was inside the vending machines selling cigarettes and soda on the street. I couldn’t resist and opened one to watch.

packs of cigarettes inside tobacco machine

We must leave the zone of alienation before the first patrols, to pay a fine of 2000 dollars was not included in my plans.

Abandoned cars in Fukushima red zone

In general, in the exclusion zone of Fukushima we spent about three days completely exploring  the green zone and the orange zone of Futaba in addition to the red zone of Okuma. Stay tuned!

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