Picnic in Kyiv Underground River Kadetsky Gay

The first section of the Kadet Grove creek was closed into a collector as early as 1870, during the construction of the railway. The upper reaches of the stream were removed under ground in mid-1950s, during the construction of the Pervomaisky district of Kyiv. At first some fragments of the channel were simply laid in the concrete shoressimilar to Lybed River. Later they were covered with concrete slabs, and garages were built over it. The most frequent visitors to the underground stream Kadet Grove is urbexers. They dubbed this drain “Zheleznodorozhny”, because of the trains constantly rumbling over their heads. Also it is possible to find inside a railway line plates, rail spikes and any other locomotive trash. Up to the modern territory of Sputnik Park, the diameter of stream is from two to three meters, which contributes to comfortable underground walks. Tour to underground river Kiev The Cadet Grove is a historical district in Kiev, through which a stream with the same name flows (the right tributary of the Lybed river). In the photo below is an arch leading to the dungeon. It is made by bricks but for reasons of durability it was covered by concrete.
Вход в туннели подземной реки Кадетская роща.
The entrance to the tunnels of the underground river Cadet Grove.
In this photo you can see that the tunnel comes out from under the railway and goes into its usual square section.
Арочный туннель под железной дорогой соединяется с основным туннелем
Arched tunnel under the railway connects with the main tunnel
  Коллектор Железнодорожный Connection with clean water pipe to the mainstream. Небольшая подключка врезана в русло подземного коллектора A distinctive feature of this underground river is that here you can walk and nowhere to bend down. This underground river not so big as Poltva underground river in Lviv but bigger than human’s height. Экстремальный тим-билдинг в Киеве There are places where the tunnel is damaged. At this site, workers reinforced tennel with steel expansion beams. Подземные реки Киева A fork in the tunnel, on the left the steps lead to the exit to the surface.
Небольшой фризлайт на развилке коллектора Железнодорожный
Freezelight snapshot at the collector fork Zheleznodorozhny
Kiev urban explorers can not deny themselves a small picnic on the banks of an underground river. You can cook mulled wine or tea. Caves and underground tunnels tour in Kyiv are waiting you! Join our adventure time!
Пикник на берегу подземной реки Кадетская роща.
Picnic on the banks of the underground river Cadet Grove.
19872204 Our walk along the stream ends in a very interesting place. Here tunnel has height difference and the builders made a large cascade of steps.
Каскад в конце коллектора Железнодорожный
Cascade at the end of the collector.

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