The Biggest Underground River in Lviv: Poltva

There are a lot of underground river tunnels under historic city-centers of ukrainian cities. But the biggest underground river is Poltva, it’s flowing under Lviv city-center and opposit to Kiev major underground river Klov, where clean water Poltva is part of sewer system. Another.Kiev team has prepared for you guide to this incredible underground architecture miracle. Poltva underground river in Lviv The river Poltva was of great importance in the construction of Lviv, this river was a moat and protected the city from the north. Древний Львов In the middle of XVIII century the municipal authorities decided to hide riverbed in city-center of Lviv into the tunnel, having aggravated it with the threat of malaria. In Lviv there is a mixed sewage system and very soon it was poluted by drain waste. In 1870, the length of the tunnels of Poltva was 15 kilometers, 1903 – 54 km, 1910-82 km, 1939 – over 150 kilometers. The main tunnels of the underground river are superimposed on the city map. Map of Poltva river in Lviv Not only size of the tunnel is amazing but also skills of ancient architects. drawings of the underground tunnel Poltva in Lviv Recently I watched the Polish film “In the Darkness” and I was just shocked. In the tunnels of Poltva during the Second World War Jews were hiding. Naturally, I wanted to find a place where they lived specifically during the Nazi occupation. At the moment, this is not possible due to lack of information. entrance to the underground river Poltva Now this huge river looks like this. The walls are lined with antique stone wide comfortable walk-sides and a tunnel of unusual design. Экскурсии подземелья Львова Unusual collector profile. Below is the same on an older photo of 1929. Полтва под Оперным театром Инспекция в туннеле канализации Львова Photo of construction Poltva river tunnel at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Строительство туннеля подземной реки Полтва The roots of the trees sprouted into the underground river. Сталактиты в Полтве Moving downstream the tunnel often changes shape. Львов Подземный The bridge above the sewage stream is under the building of the Lviv Opera House. Львовская Канализация We were photographed on the bridge for memory. Contrary to popular opinion, the smell of shit there does not bother. I would say that it’s just that the air is not the freshest. Технический мостик над потоком говна Notice how the tunnel of the underground river is under contruction. Строительство коллектора подземной реки во Львове The same tunnel in the same place as on the previous  photo. Take guide to subterranean excursion in Kyiv with stalkers who will imoress you! Прогулка по Полтве Video of the descent to Poltva. In this tunnel, I first felt like a real ninja turtle. Туннель Полтвы под проспектом Черновола If you will decide to visit underground river try not to do it in Lviv, because there is a sewer tunnel. If you will be in Kiev you must know that in 1892 local government decided to divide sewer and storm drain tunnels. So in Kiev we have clean water in underground tunnels. Major river is Klov, which you can visit with experienced guide.

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